My Resolution in 2012

Sorry, if I publish my resolution too late.. Becouse my activity very very and very too solid.. Hehe..
Alhamdulillah, now i have a job, althought my thesis not yet finish. Previously, i’m dont do anything. My thesis not to final and time continues to run. So, I must to fill my time. And then this job come to me. Although, my position not appropriate with my study in my campus, i must go on.

Well, every year I always write resulution and to analyzed in end year. In year 2011 I have 18 targets but just 15 targets goal. And one of target is not achieved is finish the thesis, but over all my resolution in 2011 is succed.

And this is My Resolution in 2012, not much different with previous year, but of course this is change, many enhancement. Okey, this is the list :

1. Of course finishing my thesis
2. Always want to learn, and close ear with words of others. Okey!!! πŸ™‚
3. Expand worship and charity, dont ever leave it.
4. Khatam the Al-Qur’an, again.. πŸ™‚
5. Don’t open veil in front of not your muhrim.
6. Don’t always insert everything in your heart, easy going.
7. Marketing, you must understand it.
8. English too, start of now, you must learn learn and learn. studied and getting of in writing speaking and reading. Everyday there must be add english vocabulary.
9. Please, dont too cool to man. You need him. And you must married, remember your age Fizah.. hehehe
10. Live your parents, sister and brother. You only have them.
11. Change your bad attitude (you know what I mean.. :p)

While this is enough, i dont know the future, maybe can increase. I wish my resolution in year can successΒ than last year. Amiin…

Note : Sorry if my words fall appart, you know i recently learned english.. Hehehe.. And I try this..



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